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About Us

I have loved animals since I was a kid. I grew up on a cattle ranch, raising and taking care of a large variety of animals. I learned how to show love and care for them by watching my mother. When I started my own family I wanted to make sure I transferred those lessons on to my kids. The training we complete with these dogs is a combination of all the knowledge I have gained in my lifetime as well as the most recent research on giving puppies the best support through their first months of life. Past breeders have generously shared books, resources, and stories with the community and I am so grateful for their time and experience. I am passionate about continuing to hone my craft. 

ENS Training

Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) exercises start on the third day of the pups' life and continues through day 16. This is considered a time of rapid neurological growth and development. There are five exercises that are performed in sequence: Tactile Stimulation, Head held erect, head down, supine position, and thermal stimulation. The exercises are performed once daily in addition to appropriate daily handling and petting. The benefits of ENS include: improved cardio vascular performance, stronger heart beats, stronger adrenal glands, more tolerance to stress, greater resistance to disease, and higher attentiveness during training. 


ESI Training

ESI is done once daily along side ENS for 5 seconds. Each day from the third to the sixteenth day of the puppies life, a new scent is introduced. I start with natural scents from outside like dirt, grass, and flowers, then move to pungent fruits like oranges, bananas, and lemons. Progressively we work in spices like mint, rosemary, cloves, and cinnamon. Next we introduce essential oils rotating through lavender, eucalyptus, lemon grass, peppermint, and rose. The final scents are wood and leather. Chemicals and puppy food should not be part of ESI training since the focus is on scenting. We look for them to love it, hate it, or react indifferently. The goal is to train the pup to be naturally more curious and familiar with their environment. This makes for a well rounded, secure pup that will more easily adjust to different surroundings. 

Social Training

This is a socialization and learning program that I have put together. It is a POSITIVE reinforcement training method that allows the puppy to decide what they would like to learn and when, within set goals. This is how I teach the puppies standing, sitting, potty training, socialization, and any other positive behavior. This method creates a confident and happy dog by allowing them to learn at the pace that suits individual needs. The positive reinforcement creates a secure relationship with people that will stay with the dog throughout their lives. The easiest puppy to train is one that has a positive reinforcement chain. I create that secure and confident bond in the puppy from their birth so that when they go to their forever families, they trust you and want do what is asked of them. Especially if that results in an extra scratch or treat! 

Environment Training

Environmental training includes potty training, gentle grooming, nail trims, weekly baths/blowdries, bite inhibition, crate training, etc. I introduce multiple environmental factors like vacuums, blenders, music, car rides, loud kids, people wearing masks/ hats/ scarves/ strong body scents, stairs, ball pits, texture pads, and many other things to make sure that they are ready to feel secure in their new homes.  When a puppy is moved into their new home they are still in what would be considered the "fearful" part of their development. By introducing them to new things repeatedly, they become familiar with the experience and no longer feel the need to protect themselves from the unknown. It is important to keep up with this training as they get through their first month or two with you. I include an information and continued training packet with each puppy at adoption.

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